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Many people in our area face barriers to mental health care. LightMHK is here to help. We offer local mental health providers and professionals resource opportunities to help qualified patients receive care.  As we grow, we will offer local projects resource opportunities to promote mental health awareness.

We are funded through donations and managed by a board of directors composed of local volunteers devoted to improving awareness of and access to mental health care. 


Our name has a two-part meaning. “Light” stands for actions donors take to support mental health in the community: Love, Invest, Give, Heal and Treat. “MHK” represents the region of service; plus, it’s an acronym for Mental Health for Kansans.

Beth St. Amand


“Every person, family, and community benefits from mental health care. After losing a son to suicide, I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve on LightMHK’s board of directors as we help support mental health care and education in our community.”

Harry Watts

Vice Chair

“We are so grateful for the many mental health organizations in the Manhattan area that are making a difference in the lives of those who need mental health treatment, and we look forward to helping them serve their patients.”

Dolly Gudder


“It is my honor to serve on LightMHK's board of directors with others dedicated to providing financial access to mental health services for everyone in our community.”

Bri Fowler


Jason Hennigh

Cheryl Grice

“Mental health is a topic that touches the lives of countless individuals, directly or indirectly. The stigma surrounding mental health often prevents open conversations and access to essential support. By being part of this nonprofit, I am committed to fostering a community that promotes understanding, compassion and resources for those in need.

I believe that through education, advocacy and community engagement, we can make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals facing mental health struggles. Together, we can promote awareness, eradicate stigma and empower individuals to seek help without fear or judgment.”

Deanna Nitschke

Resource Development Coordinator

“My passion for mental health is driven by a belief that compassionate care should be accessible to everyone.”

Resource Development Coordinator


LightMHK is thankful for community partnerships that help us make a difference in mental health care in our area.

Board of Directors

Members of our Board of Directors are dedicated to helping others.

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