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Our Care Grants will support direct patient care. Please select the target(s) your application will focus on. Select all that apply:
Profit or nonprofit organization


  1. Within one year of receipt, provide a detailed report on the grant’s use with testimonials of its impact.

  2. Provide a “Final” detailed report of the grant’s use before requesting additional funding.

  3. Partner with us by prominently displaying LightMHK’s logo in your business and mentioning the LightMHK grant in publications.

I hereby state that the information given herein is true and correct. I authorize any required verification bureau report. I understand that if this information is determined to be false or deceptive, I and/or my organization will be liable for repayment of grant funding. I understand that this request for financial assistance may not pertain to health care other than mental health.

By signing this form electronically, and clicking on “Submit Signature”, you are agreeing to the terms stated herein.

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